Who You Are Comes From Within

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Baltimore Ravens Wide Receiver Torrey Smith is a long ball threat on the field. He can make plays on any given game day with his speed and his ability to catch the ball. Those skills are not something that a person can acquire without putting forth a lot of time and effort. Preparation is the key.

Torrey Smith on Twitter

Someone on Twitter told Torrey Smith that if he weren’t so fast, he would be flipping burgers. Smith replied that he graduated.

People believe that NFL players lives are easy.

Some make it look easy, but it is because of the years of preparation that preceded the easy years. Even today, for almost everyone in the NFL, preparation is a daily routine. Players listen to motivating music on their ipods when they are walking around. They train in the weight room and on the track to keep their bodies at the peak of their abilities.

Today’s economy has made a lot of people work harder to keep making a good living, because the better jobs are fewer. Those who prepare themselves by going to college and studying (instead of partying) are the ones most likely to come out with the top jobs, while those who study beer bottles and the party scene will be forced to flip the burgers.

Preparation is key.

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