Want Free Leads For Life?

Free Leads?

Your business needs leads. (I know mine does).

And to get those leads, you are probably doing (or should be) all or some of these yourself:

  • Creating lead capture pages
  • Setting up an autoresponder
  • Writing the copy for the autoresponder emails.

Then, after those are finished, you have to drive traffic to those lead capture pages. This will take your time or your money or both to get that traffic.

Wouldn’t it be great if other people were helping you get leads for free?

Well don’t tell anyone, this is between you and me. In a few weeks, we will have a lead generation tool that will allow you to give people a free lead capture page that will give you every other lead that comes to their page (because you are supplying them with that page). Now the people you give those pages away to have an option…

They can pay you to keep their leads, or they can continue feeding you leads.

You can see what I mean by watching this video:


Remember the part where I told you that you shouldn’t tell anyone? You totally should tell everyone (after you reserve your spot – because you lock in the people who reserve their spot using your link) who runs a business online.

And after you sign up, I will let you into our exclusive skype group, too.

So, hurry and get your spot now, because if you wait too long, those people you were going to tell about this will be telling you about it.

To your success,

Micheal – LeadGenToolBox.com

PS – Remember to watch the video and then click on the button that says Early Notification List!

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