You Have A Video… Now What?

A lot of people bought Video Maker FX and now they need
to know what to do next…

This information that I just received from my fellow Floridian,
Vito Santoro, can help you with that.

I just took a quick tour of a new video marketing platform
that took the last year to develop. As you are aware, I have
been involved with many successful projects and this one
really surprised me. Actually “shocked me” is more accurate.
It is truly unique and actually solves a major problem with
marketing with video online. That is not hype. This is the real
deal and even large companies are looking to integrate it.

Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like this being offered and
it’s not just doing the same thing differently. It is truly a
game changer!

Imagine uploading your video or adding your YouTube video link
to this video marketing system. Then, adding calls to action
directly to your video to increase conversions. You can: collect
email addresses, schedule consultations and webinars, make phone
calls sell both affiliate products and even your own products
using PayPal, Stripe and JVZoo! And your buyers never leave the
video or get lost in a broken sales funnel! Everything happens
right in the video while viewers are engaged. The calls to action
work where ever you post your video so you are not limited to
your website.

Watch the video on this page and see what I mean (click the buy
now button)…

Clipz Video Platform

Now imagine that you can use an HD video as a landing page
and even include “One Time Offers” right in your video!
Think you can make a LOT more sales using this technology?

This video marketing system is just being introduced and I
was selected to help them roll it out. I thought it was worth
sharing with you as the price is a joke for the unique power
that it offers. Obviously when the major companies integrate it,
the price will increase dramatically.

You can use this for both online and offline marketing and even
sell it to your local clients.

Click the link above to see a video that demonstrates using a
video as a landing page.

To your continued success,

Micheal –

P.S. They are only accepting a certain number of members before
the official launch, so don’t miss out on this ground-breaking opportunity!

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