Three Biggest Problems Consultants Have Selling Fan Pages

problem # 1 – most small companies and online marketers don’t have a fan page
While there is a fast growing percentage of both local business owners and online business owners who are embracing the idea of getting a Facebook fan page, the reality is that it’s still in the “planning stages” for them. It’s on their “to do list” and they’ll take care of it soon.
problem # 2 – the vast majority of fan page owners are setting things up wrong
I’m not sure if they’re listening to the techno-phobes who insist the only people who are really using Facebook are little old ladies who go on there to play Farmville and THAT’S IT or if they’re just not following the research that’s available all over the internet free of charge, but most companies are not approaching this the right way.
problem # 3 – there’s lots of people who “kind of get it” but aren’t building their list
There are two constants in almost every internet marketing guru’s bag of lessons they offer their loyal followers, or at least based on what I’ve witnessed over the last 12 1/2 years;

  1. The money is in the list! If you’re not building your email and cell phone text list for mobile marketing and no one is following you on your blog’s RSS feeds or any of your social networks you won’t be able to reach people with your current or future offers.
  2. The fortune is in the follow up! This is the second part to the above equation that almost NO ONE seems to remember when they’re offering their pearls of wisdom for some reason. I’m not sure why this is, but I’m including it here for you.

Of course if you’re paying for their offers I’m sure the new training programs you find will at some point offer you more detailed information about how important “follow up” is in email marketing, but for FREE and on the surface it’s not talked about very much.


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