How To Create A Good Presell Video For Affiliate Products

Selling affiliate products are a great way to make money online. I have done this on a regular basis since 2006. As the marketing methods evolved with Social Media moving the medium from email to “in your face” social media marketing, video became one of the most profitable methods for moving products.

Webinars are actually a little more profitable if you get the pitch just right and get a lot of people on the webinar, but video marketing is so much more versatile than a webinar. The thing with video is that it can be used for driving traffic, whereas a webinar requires traffic to be useful.

So let’s create a video for an affiliate product. I will show you what to do, and you can follow along at home.

First, choose the product. I have chosen a big ticket product, Easy Video Suite as my product to promote. I will be using another video tool, Video Maker FX to actually create the video I will be using to presell EVS.

When doing promos, you need to have a link that you can use for the product that will be easily typed in if someone is only listening to you. Sure, you will be putting your link on the page where the video is hosted, but you need to plan for people only hearing your URL, because you can also submit your videos as podcasts to iTunes and other podcast directories. That is part of the strategy that I learned from using Traffic Geyser and Main Street Marketing Machines way back in 2011. I use Link Dynamite as the domain for my affiliate links. The reason I want to redirect my links with my own service is also because I like to track my links. With Link Dynamite, I am getting stats on how many clicks I am getting with that URL. That way, when I have this video out there, the stats will tell me how my video is doing.

So the second step in the process is creating your link redirect. After adding my link to Link Dynamite, this is the resulting link:

Third step – research the product by looking at the sales page and find the problems that the product solves. You want to build a nice big juicy list of problems. The more problems and the bigger and badder they are, the better your video will do at convincing your prospects that they need to buy whatever you are offering them to get rid of the problem.

Some sales pages have only benefits listed. On those, you have to get creative and figure out the problems based on the solutions posed by the benefits. Sometimes you may have to survey your audience and see what problems they face with a particular task (the task that the product does – in this case, making videos and putting them on the Internet to make money and build lists from them). I recorded a short video to show the process.

Here is what we came up with:

Really good videos require multiple programs to create, render, convert and upload to video hosting sites.
-Sony Vegas
-Premiere Pro
-Hand Brake

Making money from videos requires expensive programming to be able to sell products.
-Buy buttons and calls to action
-Opt In Forms
-Timed Events

List building with videos requires multiple scripts and programs to make video squeeze pages.
-Video Players were complicated
-Opt in forms were difficult to add
-Video page didn’t allow opt in form
-Split Testing required expensive or complicated software

Hard to track how many people watch your videos.

Getting traffic to videos requires extra SEO products.

Recording screen capture videos requires special software.

Hard to create marketing videos on the road (away from the computer).

Next, we create slides from those bullet points. We should also grab some images from the product page using image grabber software. I use the Windows Snipping Tool for my screen capture images. (Just use the start button and type Snipping Tool in the search box).


Here is the finished Video!

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