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Traditional goal setting might not work for everyone.  We all start out with good intentions, but along the way, we can get distracted and discouraged.

This is usually due to 3 reasons:

  • Unrealistic Goals
  • Overly Complex Plans
  • Partial Commitment

If you’re serious about achieving what matters to you the most, you need a different approach.

Whether you’re a brand new or experienced Social Media user, it can become confusing to know what, where and when to post your updates.

For starters, there are so many Social Media platforms available to you that it becomes overwhelming knowing which one’s you should be utilizing for your business.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest & Google+ to name just a few.

You know that you NEED to be taking advantage of Social Media to market your business, but it becomes increasingly difficult trying to find the time to do it all.

Being TOO BUSY doesn’t have to hinder your Social Media Marketing!

If you want to see REAL RESULTS from Social Media, then you need to have a Social Media Strategy Plan in place.

Social Fresh Start is a 6-Module Course
Watch & learn as Sue takes you by the hand and walks you through each module step by step.  You’ll learn how to easily assess and record what you already have online, how to get the foundation of your marketing plan correct, easily identify the steps needed to perfect your social media presence, and how to build strong and loyal communities on all the main social sites.

You’ll also discover:

  • The step by step 20 minutes a day community building plan, to building large communities to market to.
  • The 7 step formula for setting the perfect social media goals, which are realistic and achievable.
  • The 6 stages to perfect content creation that entertains, engages and educates your audience.
  • Where to get a never ending supply of quality social content and inspiration, quickly and easily.
  • The step by step guide to creating a content calendar, to keep your postings right on track.
  • How to create a weeks worth of social content in 1 hour, leaving you free to get on with your business.

Neglected Social Media profiles, with inconsistent posting are useless.  Create your Social Strategy Plan today.

Follow Social Fresh Start and let your Social Media work for you.

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