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Spider WebI get approached a lot for network marketing opportunities. And I decline them for the most part. It has nothing to do with the opportunity, but more to do with the relationship I have with the person trying to sign me up.

First of all, are they interested in me or my position on their matrix? If they are not interested in me or they don’t break the ice by actually telling me about themselves and building the relationship, I can usually tell the pitch is coming.

Are they fun? If I already know the person, I will know how fun they are. But if it is someone I have never heard of, messaging me on Facebook or Twitter, they had better do something fun to catch my attention, because my time is valuable.

Do they waste my time? One of my biggest irritants on Facebook and Skype are the people who just say one thing, expecting you to be there to respond immediately. For example:

SkypePersonIDontKnow: hello – 8/1/2013 6:02AM

Micheal: hi – 8/1/2013 11:27AM

SkypePersonIDontKnow: how are you – 8/1/2013 3:35PM

Micheal: great! – 8/2/2013 11:17AM

SkypePersonIDontKnow: hello – 8/3/2013 – 7:45AM

This usually leads to me blocking this person.

What I like to do is have fun… I get to know people. I don’t even talk about my opportunity unless they are qualified. During your fun conversations, it is easy to qualify people. You find out if they enjoy what they do, what they would rather be doing if they didn’t have to go to their job, and what they are ultimately hoping to accomplish in life.

This stuff works! Almost all successful network marketers will tell you that your prospects will raise their hand at some point in the conversation to let you know that they would like to do something to get away from their present situation. The thing is, you should not be trying to cram any opportunity down anyone’s throat.

You start out by building a relationship with people. Become the person they know, like and trust. That way, if the conversation ever does turn to making money, you will have a feel for whether that person is a good fit or not. I am not saying to prequalify people, I am just saying that some people will show much more desire for their dreams and goals than others. If people already know, like and trust you, they will feel at ease following you into a network marketing opportunity.

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