Does Epic Content Machine Help With Writer’s Block?

Note to reader: I talk about blogging in here, but this software could very easily be used by authors who are working on their books, publicists who are writing press releases or even video marketers who are writing a script for their latest masterpiece.

Also, if you purchase any products mentioned in this article, I could be compensated. I was furnished a copy of the software by its creator prior to the product being available for sale.

Ross Goldberg asked me to take his newest software creation for a test drive. The software is a content generation tool that makes creating epic content as easy as making an outline.

epic-content-machineI installed Epic Content Machine on my computer and immediately found it to be good for everyone! Because it runs on Adobe Air,  Windows and MAC users are able to use this software right out of the virtual box.

The first thing I noticed (I got the upgraded version Blog Marketer for this review, but the Epic Content Machine is the same by itself and inside the Blog Marketer) was how intuitive it was.

content manager - Epic Content MachineWhen it starts, Epic Content Machine takes you to the Content Manager. That is the central hub of operations for your content creation experience. It also stores all of your current projects so that you can add new content, edit current content or spin (optional since you need a Spin Rewriter API) the current content.

Inside the content manager, I was given 4 choices which coincided with my current needs:

  1. The Lazy Way
  2. Headline Wizard
  3. Cheating Wizard
  4. Content Wizard

The Lazy Way takes you to a site where you can pay for articles. Great for when you need content in a niche that you are not familiar with and don’t have time to learn about it.

headline wizard Headline Wizard is like walking into an ice cream parlor and seeing the glass cases filled with all the best flavors… the example headlines that Ross has included in the Headline Wizard are top notch, you select one that you like and then change it for the topic you are planning on writing about.

cheatingwizardCheating Wizard is a search window with a text editor attached. You search for your keyphrase, then select some of the results and look for content that will help you make your point. You copy the content and paste it into the editor. When you click on the next button, it opens a new editor window with only the first sentence from the text you had copied. You edit that text and then click next when you are ready for the next sentence. You edit each sentence until you have gone through the entire paragraph or article. This is awesome for those times when you are looking for either a curated type of post or a top ten list…

contentwizardContent Wizard is the key to getting a lot of content done. When you open it up, you get a single text box and a drop down selector beside it. You type in the main idea of your article or blog post in the text box and then you choose how many paragraphs you plan on writing for this post. When you click next, you are taken to a page where the main idea is at the top and a number of empty text boxes (based on the number you chose in the previous step). You contentwizard2put a key point that relates to the main idea in each of the text boxes on the page then click next to find that now you are supposed to turn those main ideas into sentences, then move on to the next page where you are supposed to add sentences to turn each idea into a paragraph. By the time you are done, you have a finished article or blog post!

With over 100 blogs that need content, I found it rather overwhelming to write my posts without sounding like a broken record. But Ross set me up with Epic Content Machine and I found myself getting my thoughts and ideas organized by using the Content Manager to store all the working copies of my posts. I was able to increase my post writing significantly. Now, I schedule some time for each blog and write posts for an hour – that gets me a week’s worth of posts (and more if I repurpose some of them).

Thanks, Ross, for bringing out Epic Content Machine and allowing me to have more time to do fun stuff instead of worrying about content!

Micheal Savoie

As you can see in my testimonial, I absolutely loved using this software. I didn’t even touch on the features of Blog Marketer (submitting to hundreds of sites) because you don’t have to get Blog Marketer if you are only interested in creating content. I highly recommend this software to anyone who writes content (even video scripts).

Grab this software at the lowest possible price right now!

To your success,

Micheal –

PS – This is exactly what bloggers and article marketers need when they want to knock out a lot of content in a hurry!

PPS – You might want to grab a membership to Spin Rewriter so you can connect the Epic Content Machine to it for spun content:

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