Are You Using Hangouts?

Social Media Marketing is also about connecting with your tribe! With any tribe, you must interact with them and show yourself as an integral member or your influence will decline. In many cases, in order to become a leader in the tribe, you must show yourself within the tribe as being the authority by teaching and revealing information that the members of the tribe are unfamiliar with. Once you start to establish that leadership role, you are more likely to get them to follow you into whatever endeavors you go.

Google Hangouts are a great way to provide that tribal interaction with your circles. When you create a hangout, you alert your circles about it. The more people actually appear at your hangouts, the more importance Google places on your hangouts and eventually, your hangouts will draw more traffic than you could have received on your own.

googlehangoutsmasteryFor your hangouts to grow in importance, you have to be able to use them properly. My friend Roy Fielding has created a video training series on how to use Google Hangouts for business. He is starting the price out very low, so that even the newest of online marketers can take advantage of this training. Don’t let the low price fool you, however, because Roy is a great teacher – he explains things in a way that people understand.

Go check out the video on this page:

To your success,

Micheal Savoie – Author of Social Net Effect: Fishing For Prospects With Social Media Marketing 

PS – I use Google Hangouts regularly and I am even learning some tricks that I am going to incorporate into my marketing!

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