Election Year Blues

Some of the people in our timelines are salivating at the chance to have a good debate now that the election year is in full swing. It used to surprise me how many well informed people are on social media. Unfortunately, there are a lot of insane people out there, too.

For every post that a well read, informed person posts about his or her candidate of choice, 17 rage beasts will show up and start arguing about something that either hasn’t been proven or is simply someone’s opinion. I call them rage beasts, because they fly into a rage at the mere mention of the person’s name, like they would if they had heard from a reliable source that you raped their grandmother. They immediately attack you the person, calling you stupid or retarded – instead of coming into the conversation with facts.

Short of only posting in private groups, it is rather hard to escape these types. Even though you may try to temper your posts, the fact that you are not a “believer” in their cause makes you an instant enemy (Again, you just raped their grandmother…). Sometimes, they will bring up their political views in a non-political post because it simply reminds them of something that their candidate stands for or against (usually against). Those who agree with their viewpoint are met with love and friendship while those that differ in view become a cannibalistic cyclops and must be put down.

I used to waste time and energy arguing with these people using the logic and facts that I had looked up. Those are usually met with name calling or simply personal attacks. It is scary, in fact, to think that some of these people probably have jobs, homes and families. Do they come home from a tough day at the office to their children singing anti-insert-candidate-name-here songs while drawing campaign posters?

“Look daddy! Here is my “insert-candidate-name-here drowns puppies” campaign poster. Do you like it?”

“It is wonderful, sweetheart! Let’s go into the living room and troll some people on Instagram!”

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