Why Posting Your Stuff On Facebook & Twitter Could Be Bad


When you get the urge to spread the news about how someone did you wrong on social media, you might want to think again.

It turns out that a lot of people are not crazy about reading negativity on their social media. Sure, you will find a lot of people who sympathize with you, but more often you will find that people will add you to a mental list of “whiners.” Then, next time you have a negative post, they will simply ignore it.

I am not saying you can’t share life events with your friends and family, but some of those events are more suited for private conversations than broad announcements. When my mother and father died (2 years apart), I announced it on Facebook and Twitter and received an outpouring of support from my friends and family. But I made sure that my main family members were alerted prior to the announcement on Facebook. It is not cool to have your mom’s brother find out about her death from social media.

Good news is always welcome on social media. So if you have something good to share, that is usually good for a lot of likes and comments.

Something you should think about…

If you are creating a business persona on Facebook or Twitter, you should be a lot more careful that you don’t mix a lot of personal updates on those accounts. Business accounts should be for press releases, announcements and general conversation related to your product or service (or niche).

Talking about your wedding on a car repair fan page is probably not going to be as popular as it would on a bridal page.

Remember that you may find some topics really interesting and others very distasteful. Your audience will have those types of limitations for what they like and dislike. Be respectful of that before you force your viewpoint on everyone else.

Social media is a social entity that mirrors some of our own likes and dislikes. If we take care to remember that other people are on the other side of the computer, phone or tablet – we are much more likely to attract the types of people that will know, like and trust us when it counts.

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