Lifetime ZoSocial Offer Goes Away

Over the last week you’ve been hearing a lot
about ZoSocial – a new app to benefit from FB
contests in a way that’s never been possible
before. ZoSocial

I’ve never seen anything like this – it’s
awesome. Using ZoSocial you can run contests
on FB pages that will immediately go viral
and boost your page… while ALSO collecting
tons of email leads all at the same time. Best
of all: you can automate every step of the
way AND it’s 100% TOS compliant.

Today is the last day you can get lifetime
access to ZoSocial.

After that ZoSocial will be taken off the
market to implement new features, and
will then re-launch later with (much) more
expensive monthly & yearly subscriptions

So… this is it.. At midnight (EST) the
lifetime license will be gone.

Get it here:

Today it is. Do NOT miss this opportunity.

To your continued success,


Micheal –


PS – Contests are a great way to build a list,
gather leads and sell more products! They
can become very viral if they are done right.

ZoSocial makes sure they are done right! Look
before the best deal is gone:

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