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What Is Social Networking Doing For Us?

As an avid user of Facebook, Google+ and Twitter (and a whole slew of others in a more limited sense), I have found that we are becoming more dependent on these social networks than ever. I hear more about what is going on in my daughters’ lives than I do from them personally. I can instantly find out which of my friends are busy working on a project or just blowing off steam with some R & R.

But according to the journal, Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences, Social network sites may be changing people’s brains as well as their social lives. According to this BBC Article: Internet ‘may be changing brains’, the study found a link between human brain structure and online social network size. They did not point out which caused the other, but it is a very interesting relationship nonetheless.

Beware The Privacy Settings

A Google employee became famous (or infamous, depending on whose viewpoint you get) for bashing the company’s newest social network Google+. Apparently, if you share something publicly, that share setting does not change until you change it. So subsequent posts will have the same share settings. Google Engineer Steve Yegge figured that out too late after he publicly criticized G+ (instead of posting to only his fellow employees) and got himself into a little mess. Think Twice Before Sharing on Social Networks

So one thing is for certain, if you are being reprimanded by your boss for something you said on Facebook, you can blame it on your brain having changed because of the Internet!

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