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Why You Might Want To Wait To Upgrade To WP 2.9

WordPress announced version 2.9 last week and I upgraded a few of my blogs to it. So far it has been working fine for me, but I am using a specific set of paid plugins, so most of my blogs have remained at version 2.8.6 because I am awaiting the word from my plugin manufacturers. But here is why you might have to wait a little longer.

WordPress is already beta testing 2.9.1 and will have it rolled out very quickly because of a problem they have found with curl not working properly in some cases. Curl is a php function that many of the plugins that we use take advantage of, especially in the social media world! I know that needs curl to work properly, so if you know that some of your plugins are dependent on curl, you may want to wait until the release of 2.9.1 to get your blog up to date.

I have noticed that version 2.9 (on the couple of blogs where I didn’t need the plugins) runs very efficiently, and my importing of RSS feeds is working very well, with no problems.

So if you are a social networking maven and you use your blog as your social hub, I recommend you hold off and stay with 2.8.6 of WordPress until the release of the next update to WordPress.

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